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1, by special USB chip CH341A production. USB1.1
communication. Burning speed than ordinary ATMEGA8 25
Series of programming 2-3 times faster. Erase the burning
check speed about 2-3 mbit per minute. Very suitable for
amateur burning
24 and 25 series of FLASH.
2, support WIN98, WINME, WIN2K, WINXP, VISTA,
Windows 7 - a 32-bit operating system.
3, USES the USB port power supply
2: put the programmer computer USB port, open the
"CH341A programmer software" the burning software.
Choose good chip capacity, can burn write and
erase the chips.
Download online (USB serial port, P/S end cap off)
Put the programmer computer USB port, programmer
received nine RX, TX foot on the TX and RX received
notice from nine GND received nine GND.
Choose corresponding COM, open the corresponding
download software platform, online upgrade your nine
machine. (software upgrade not programmer accompanying
the software)    

Programador USB CH341A 24/25 Micros

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