Color sensor module color detection sensor TCS3200 perfect for Arduino, microcontroller, prototyping PIC Atmel This sensor measures the color values and returns the value as a digital signal to the "OUT" PIN. It is possible the raw data with a microcontroller such as the Arduino in RGB CMYK color data umzuwanden PI Atmel, PIC, or Raspberry. The pins are labeled on the back of the module. Operation: So the sensor correctly recognizes the color values of the measured sown, it has built in 4 white LEDs. The sensor is calibrated on the color value of these LEDs. The light from the LEDs is true on the measuring surface and reflects back to the sensor. The ambient light must be not too strong despite LEDs because it otherwise distorts measurements. Specifications: Chip: TCS3200 Measuring the value of solid surfaces Dimensions Sensor Board: 31 mm x 24 mm Work voltage 3-5V Sensor distance to the surface ca: 10mm Output: digital 4 x white of LEDs

Sensor de Color TCS3200

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