Product Description =============== 1/2 Inch Hall Effect flowmeter. These work well with the controllers we also carry. It can be used in number of applications. Features ======= High: ≥ 4.6V Low: ≤ 0.5V Red: IN+ Yellow: OUT (signal output) Black: GND- Insulation resistance: ≥ 100MΩ Hydrostatic pressure testing: ≤ 1.2Mpa 1. Not intended for use with liquids other than water 2. Not impact resistant 3. The direction of fluid flow should be same as the arrow on sensor. 4. Water temperature should never excede 120℃. Operating Specifications =================== The lowest rated working voltage: DC4.5 5V-24V Maximum operating current: 15mA (DC 5V) Working voltage range: DC 5~18V Load capacity: ≤ 10mA (DC 5V) Use temperature: ≤ 80°C Operating humidity range: 35%~90%RH (no frost) Allowing pressure: pressure 1.2Mpa Temperature: -25 ~ +80 °C Dimensions ========= External threads: 1/2" Outer diameter: 20mm Intake diameter: 9mm Outlet diameter: 12mm Package included: 1pc x Water Flow Sensor

YF-S201 Caudalímetro Sensor de Flujo 1/2 plg. Efecto Hall

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