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TFT01 LCD is working at 3.3V voltage, it cannot be used directly on top of a standard Arduino board, so in order to make TFT01 LCD compatible for using on standard Arduino board, designed section TFT Shield, can be directly plugged into the Arduino board that use TFT01 LCD module.
TFT01 LCD 16 can support the current mode, since there is sufficient Mega2560 IO, while using only a touch screen interface or SD card interface, like in the case of face 328S will not exist.
TFT01LCD supports 8-bit mode, can use SD card interface and touch screen interface at the same time, adopts IC voltage division, makes the TFT display more stable
This LCD TFT01 Arduino Mega shield V2.2 is fit for 3.2 inch TFT LCD Module; The TFT01 MEGA shield supports 16-bit mode; Because of Mega board have enough pins for using SD card and touch function at the same time

Shield Para Pantalla TFT de 40 Pines

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